Registration: European and Latin American Conference on Climate Change Management (ELAC3M)

European and Latin American Conference on Climate Change Management (ELAC3M)“Opportunities and Challenges for the Modernization of High Education Institutions”
Venue: Antigua, Guatemala, Central America, 29-30 August 2013

Registrations are now open and are possible until 14 August 2013. Regrettably, registrations after the deadline will not be possible. Since the space for displays and the time for presentations is limited, delegates are advised to register as soon as possible

Fees and Charges
This is a self-funded event and the organisers are unable to pay any travel or accommodation costs of any kind. They are, however, happy to issue letters of invitation to support delegates to request funding for their participation.

This event is booked out.

Further information
Task Force: Centre of Research and Technology Transfer on Climate Change at the Galileo University of Guatemala, with the technical assistance of the CELA-Proyecto Red de Centros de Transferencia de Centros de Tecnología en Europa y América Latina-Guatemala, thanks to the support of the Alfa III Program of the European Union.

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